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Get What You Need, When You Need It with a Reference Standard Standing Order

Establishing a standing order for custom Restek reference standards is a great way to improve data quality, make your job easier, and significantly extend the savings of volume pricing. When you set up a standing order with Restek, we ship the reference standards you need, in the amounts you need, when you need them. You’ll get custom standards mixed to your specifications on time, every time.

Speed Up Semivolatiles Analysis by Using Split Injection

Sample throughput for semivolatiles analysis can be significantly increased by using split instead of splitless injection. Split injection allows more samples to be analyzed per shift because it utilizes a higher initial GC oven temperature and a faster oven cycle time. See how you can streamline your workflow using our split injection method!

Want Better LC Performance on Your Current Instrument? Switch to SPP Columns!

Wondering how superficially porous particle (SPP) columns really compare to traditional fully porous particle (FPP) columns? Read on to learn how faster, more efficient analyses can be attained with greater sensitivity and reduced system pressure by switching from FPP to SPP columns. See why SPP columns offer an easy way to increase LC performance without the expense of new instrumentation.

Simplify HILIC Methods by Avoiding These Common Problems

Whether you’ve run HILIC methods before or are attempting to for the first time, there are significant differences between reversed-phase and HILIC methods that must be considered. Read on to learn about common problems that analysts encounter with HILIC and how best to avoid them and successfully use this powerful technique.