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Peak GC Performance Ensured by the Proper Inlet Supplies, Maintained Properly

With Restek's guidance and our comprehensive line of high-quality GC inlet supplies, performing proper GC inlet maintenance—to help maximize your lab's uptime and ensure accurate, reproducible data—is as easy as replacing a few key items. Download our quick-reference guide for help implementing a preventative maintenance schedule to help ensure optimum performance.

Become a GC Fused Silica Column–Cutting Wizard in Under 2 Minutes

If you’ve ever sat in front of a GC, you’ve cut a GC column. But this simple action we’ve all done countless times is crucial to ensuring proper column installation and leak-free connections. This Restek Tip video covers the important points of column cutting. It’s worth 1:38 minutes of your day whether as a refresher or a crash course in step 1 of getting quality chromatography.

LC Red Flags: How to Spot Warning Signs from Your LC and What to Do About Them

Restek Tech Service ace Nancy Schwartz walks through the most common “red flags” our customers encounter with liquid chromatography. What signs and symptoms should alert you that something isn’t right with your LC analysis? Read on in this two-part ChromaBLOGraphy series that covers increasing pressures, peak shape issues, retention loss, missing peaks, and even white residue coming from your column.

Your Air Sampling Questions Answered: Sampling Cans, Bags, Cylinders, and More

When you’ve been helping people with air sampling problems as long as we have, you’ve seen it all. This collection of frequently asked questions covers topics from max temperatures and pressures for air cans and sampling bags to cleaning sample cylinders and the advantages of Siltek treatment. Whether you’re wrestling with product selection or maintenance, these FAQs can save you time and worry.