Gas Sampling Bags

Gas Sampling Bags


Multi-Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bags

  • Good stability for low molecular weight compounds, such as methane, CO, CO2, and permanent gases.
  • Chemically inert with light and moisture protection.
  • Not recommended for low ppm VOCs due to background levels.
  • Protective 5-layer barrier minimizes gas permeability.
    - 60 gauge nylon (outer layer)
    - Metalized aluminum
    - Polyethylene
    - 0.0003" aluminum foil
    - 0.002" polyethylene (inner layer)
  • Continous sampling temperature up to 190 °F (88 °C) indefinitely; do not exceed 190 °F for any period of time.

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ALTEF Gas Sampling Bags

  • Excellent low-cost alternative to Tedlar bags for collection of most VOCs.
  • Very low VOC and sulfur background compared to Tedlar bags.
  • Not recommended for ketones, acetates, hydrogen sulfide, or permanent gases.
  • Durable PVDF film is resistant to abrasion and chemicals, including most acids and organic compounds.
  • Contain no additives, fillers, or pigments.

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Tedlar Sampling Bags

  • Find the bags you needwe offer sizes from 0.5 L to 100 L.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Available with polypropylene or stainless steel valve; choose bags with a septum fitting for syringe sampling or standard spiking.
  • Continuous sampling temperature up to 107 °C; short term (1–2 hours) temperature up to 176 °C.

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Vacuum Bag Sampler

  • Fast bag sampling without sample passing through pump.
  • Bag capacity up to 10 L.

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Jumbo Syringe

Clear acrylic syringes, ideal for holding and dispensing large volumes of gas. An adjustable plunger on the O-ring ensures that the syringe is gas-tight over a long period of time. The central port is supplied with a luer lock fitting; the secondary port is supplied with a septum nut. This enables access to the gas sample for adding standards or removing a subsample. The plunger stem is detachable, making sample storage easy.

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