Gas Purification
Moisture Removal


Indicating Moisture Trap

  • Reduces water to less than 10 ppb; indicator changes from yellowish-green to blue at 5% relative humidity.
  • Prepurged for fast stabilization.
  • Reduces noise from high-sensitivity detectors.
  • Heavy-walled glass body prevents oxygen and water infusion.
  • 10 µm frit prevents microparticulate damage to needle valves and flow controllers.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 100 psi (689 kPa).

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High-Capacity Moisture Trap

  • Purged with ultra-high-purity helium; ready to use with any carrier gas including hydrogen.
  • Reduces water to less than 15 ppb.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 250 psi (1,724 kPa).
  • Maximum flow: 1.25 L/min.

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Restek Super Clean Ultra-High Capacity Moisture Filter

Restek Super Clean ultra-high capacity moisture filter cartridges feature easy-to-read indicators.

The indicator code is shown on every trap so there is no confusion determining when a trap needs to be replaced.

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Molecular Sieve S-Trap

  • Traps water vapor; increases column and oxygen trap lifetime.
  • Reduces baseline noise from sensitive detectors such as ECDs and mass spectrometers.
  • Activated and ready to use.
  • Reduces water to less than 1 ppm.
  • Maximum flow: 1 L/min.

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