Ultra-High Purity Regulators

Ultra-High Purity Regulators
Switchover System


Automatic Switchover System for Noncorrosive Gases (Critical Purity)

High-purity automatic switchover systems provide a continuous supply of high-purity gas to the laboratory, process, or instrument to allow you to replace a depleted gas source without interruption in the gas supply. Continuous gas supply is achieved by setting the two regulators at slightly different pressures and discharging one side of the system at a time. These models include flexible, all-stainless-steel pigtails with armor casing. The CGA connection on each pigtail has a check valve in the gland to prevent contamination and minimize purging requirements.

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Automatic Switchover System for Corrosive Gases (Silcosteel®-Treated)

  • CEM continuous emission monitoring.
  • Environmental stack and gas emission standards.
  • Low-level sulfur and mercury analysis.
  • Reactive or corrosive gases.
  • Off-shore platform systems.
  • Corrosive and salt water exposure.

    Outlet pressure: 0 to 150 psig
    Outlet gauge: 30" 0 to 200 psig
    Inlet gauge: 0 to 4000 psig
    Outlet assembly: diaphragm valve, 1/4" tube fitting

    Custom gas regulators are also available. Request yours today.

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