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Catalog #Conc. In Solvent And VolumeUnits
200 μg/mL in acetone, 1 mL/ampul
200 μg/mL in acetone, 5 mL/ampul
10 μg/mL in isooctane, 1 mL/ampul

Working with solutions containing decachlorobiphenyl

Decachlorobiphenyl has poor solubility in most organic solvents. The maximum concentration that can be prepared in acetone, hexane, or isooctane is 200 µg/mL. Temperature will affect the solubility as well. Storing solutions at reduced temperatures will cause decachlorobiphenyl to precipitate.

Products containing decachlorobiphenyl must be sonicated for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to opening the ampul. Because each ultrasonic bath operates at a different energy level, 10 minutes is a guideline only. Longer sonication time will not affect product quality.

These precautions apply to working solutions prepared in your laboratory as well. The amount of compound that precipitates depends on concentration AND temperature. If you store your standards at a temperature lower than 4 °C (even dilute solutions), allow extra sonication time.