Single-Compound Standards from Restek Improve the Analysis of Difficult Pesticides

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Troublesome pesticides can be analyzed more easily and accurately with single-compound standards from Restek. New individual standards are now available for dicofol, metribuzin, bromacil, lenacil, dodine, anilazine, captan, and folpet. Use these standards to simplify method development, establish instrument detection limits (IDLs), verify performance, test stability, and resolve degradation issues. Restek is your one-stop shop for accurate, reliable pesticides analysis. We are the only reference standard provider that offers everything you need from sample prep to LC and GC columns and consumables.

Analyze CO and CO2 at ppb Levels Easily and Accurately with a Restek Methanizer

Low-level detection of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is critical for many applications. Restek’s methanizer (CH4izer) for Agilent GCs allows ppb-level determination of CO and CO2 using a cost-effective FID instead of more expensive instrumentation. The methanizer is factory set to 380 °C to ensure efficient and complete conversion of CO and CO2 to CH4, but the operator can easily adjust the temperature as desired with the touch of a button. This unit controls temperatures precisely and reliably to within ± 1 °C of the defined set point and the actual temperature is shown in real time on an easy-to-read display. The Restek methanizer is less cumbersome than other models and is designed for easy installation and fast catalyst tube replacement so you spend more time analyzing samples and less time on maintenance.

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Method-Specific Sample Preparation for EPH Analysis

resprep_eph_crmChoose New and Improved Resprep SPE Cartridges for Complete Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fractionation

Resprep EPH fractionation SPE cartridges offer method-specific performance
for extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (EPH) analysis of soil and water samples. These new and improved solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges completely separate aliphatic and aromatic compounds into distinct fractions, and they are guaranteed to produce background levels under the strict reporting limits of MA and NJ EPH methods. In addition, rigorous QC testing and moisture-resistant packaging ensure storage stability and superior lot-to-lot reproducibility.
Restek’s latest expansion of the Resprep sample preparation line is manufactured in a strictly controlled environment with the simple goal of giving you consistent results—every day, every time. Turn to Resprep SPE cartridges for easy, reproducible, and guaranteed extractable petroleum hydrocarbon analysis.
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Test Medical Cannabis Potency with Greater Accuracy Using Restek’s New DEA-Exempted CBDA Certified Reference Material

ffpr2597-unv_image-webAs part of our commitment to the emerging industry of medical cannabis analysis, Restek has expanded its selection of cannabinoid-related reference standards by adding cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). This 1,000 ppm standard is DEA-exempted, so there’s no need to purchase costly neat materials or to make your own standards, and it is prepared in acetonitrile, which helps maintain stability by preventing methylation of the carboxylic acid group on the molecule. Paired with Restek’s THC standards, it is perfect for the analysis of both neutrals and acids in cannabis products by LC and is a must for accurate quantification in medical cannabis potency testing and strain ID. Restek’s CBDA standard is also a certified reference material (CRM) so you know that it meets strict ISO quality requirements.
From potency to pesticides analysis, Restek offers the LC and GC chromatography columns, CRMs, accessories, and sample prep supplies—as well as technical literature and support—needed for accurate, reliable medical marijuana analysis. Learn more about Restek’s products and resources at and start growing your medical cannabis testing business today.
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Resprep VM-96 Vacuum Manifold now Available

vm96_primageRestek is pleased to announce the launch of the new Resprep VM-96 vacuum manifold. Designed for performance, versatility, ergonomics, and accuracy, this new product is suitable for everyday solid phase extraction (SPE), supported liquid extraction (SLE), protein precipitation (PPT), and filtration applications. The unit is compatible with 96-well plates from any manufacturer and has many features that make it superior to other models. The Resprep VM-96 has a heavy-duty, stainless steel and aluminum body so it stays in place better than lighter models and is precision manufactured so parts assemble quickly and easily. The built-in viewing window allows for easy observation of plate height and drip rate, and the durable O-ring and gaskets provide leak-free seals time after time. It also includes a precision height adaptor and five shims so users can customize plate height to their exact requirements.
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Apply Force to Your LC Methods with Restek’s New High-Performance Columns

Force LC ColumnsRestek’s new Force performance LC columns give you the power to maximize instrument uptime, increase productivity, and transfer methods across your entire lab,  from your trusted-but-aged HPLC to the cutting-edge UHPLC you just plumbed last week. This incredibly rugged and supremely consistent column line represents the culmination of Restek’s twenty-plus years in LC dedicated to continually improving phase chemistries, lot and lifetime testing, and bonding and packing procedures.

Long-lasting and reproducible, new Force columns maintain stable retention times and peak shapes, even under the stress of elevated UHPLC pressures and rapid cycling. Premium quality is ensured by strict manufacturing and QC procedures—and backed by the strength of the Restek 100% Pure Satisfaction guarantee. And perhaps most important, Force premium LC columns are fully scalable between 3 or 5 μm HPLC and 1.8 μm UHPLC. You can easily transfer between instrument platforms and optimize methods without extensive calculations.

Available in three particle sizes, Force columns feature Restek’s most-popular and highly selective Biphenyl and FluoroPhenyl phases, as well as a general-purpose C18. Meet today’s workflow needs—and prepare for tomorrow’s—by applying Force LC columns to all of your instrument platforms.

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DiatoSorb-W Diatomaceous Earth: Great Chromatography Millions of Years in the Making

diatosorb_primageDiatoSorb-W diatomaceous earth is a new alternative for analysts who depend on diatomaceous earth columns and struggle to find consistent product quality and reliable availability. Restek has developed DiatoSorb-W as a high-performing replacement for the diatomaceous earth that was previously used in their standard and Silcoport W GC packed columns lines. DiatoSorb-W solid support is available in acid-washed (WAW), non-acid washed (WNAW), and high-performance (WHP) varieties, and all DiatoSorb-W solid support undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure high purity and dependable performance. Virtually unlimited in supply—but only available from Restek—new DiatoSorb-W offers a reliable alternative for packed column users. Whether you need packed columns or loose packing materials, DiatoSorb-W products from Restek are always available and consistent in quality.

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New Pro EZGC Chromatogram Modeler Propels Method Development Forward

pro_ezgc_crmRestek’s new and improved EZGC chromatogram modeler is just as simple to use as the original software, but it now offers advanced options for selecting phases, changing carrier gases and control parameters, further optimizing results, and much more. The software has been updated based on user feedback, allowing chromatographers to develop and optimize GC methods more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
The new Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler allows you to do the following:
• Start with either the column you have or a column recommended by the program.
• Select compounds from Restek’s libraries or bring your own list.
• Target specific compounds for resolution.
• Alter the GC conditions to optimize your model quickly and easily.
• Repeatedly refine the temperature program.
• Switch carrier gases.
• Change the control method.
• View elution temperatures in the peak list.
• See results for multiple phases.
This free, online software provides a customized, interactive model chromatogram that matches real-world chromatograms with exceptional accuracy. Users can zoom in, view chemical structures, and even overlay the mass spectra of coeluting compounds. The updated Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler is an easy, risk-free way to increase lab productivity through faster, more effective method development and optimization.

New Qualitative Retention Time Index Standard

GNPR2519-UNV_ImageRestek is pleased to release a new retention time index standard that contains both odd and even hydrocarbons C7-C33, making it appropriate for a wide range of retention index systems. Produced and tested in accordance with Restek’s ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditation, this certified reference material (CRM) is verified to be stable and accurate and is qualitatively analyzed to confirm composition. A certificate is available for each CRM lot.
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New Thermolite Plus Septa Now Available

ThermolitePlus_CRMRestek’s new Thermolite Plus septa offer advanced technology for optimal performance. The ultra-low bleed characteristic of these new septa minimizes the background signal, and the plasma coating prevents the septa from sticking in the injection port. Precision molding ensures a consistent, accurate fit. In addition, select septa feature a CenterGuide design to minimize coring. Thermolite Plus septa are usable up to 350 °C and come preconditioned and ready to use.

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