Method-Specific Sample Preparation for EPH Analysis

resprep_eph_crmChoose New and Improved Resprep SPE Cartridges for Complete Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fractionation

Resprep EPH fractionation SPE cartridges offer method-specific performance
for extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (EPH) analysis of soil and water samples. These new and improved solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges completely separate aliphatic and aromatic compounds into distinct fractions, and they are guaranteed to produce background levels under the strict reporting limits of MA and NJ EPH methods. In addition, rigorous QC testing and moisture-resistant packaging ensure storage stability and superior lot-to-lot reproducibility.
Restek’s latest expansion of the Resprep sample preparation line is manufactured in a strictly controlled environment with the simple goal of giving you consistent results—every day, every time. Turn to Resprep SPE cartridges for easy, reproducible, and guaranteed extractable petroleum hydrocarbon analysis.
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