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Whether you are beginning method development or running a routine procedure, chances are good that you are using a 1-, 5-, or wax-type gas chromatography (GC) column. These general-purpose columns are the cornerstone for safety, quality, and purity testing in many industries including clinical, environmental, food safety, food quality, forensic, petrochemical, and more. From measuring trace-levels of pesticide residues to quantifying drug impurities, 1, 5, and wax fused silica columns are the laboratory workhorses that GC analysts depend on to deliver accurate, reliable results.

Because many analyses can be done using either 1-, 5-, or wax-type columns, Restek offers them in a full range of column dimensions and deactivation chemistries for many diverse applications. With an extensive selection of chemistries and configurations, we can provide the best GC columns for your work. Whether you choose a product from our flagship Rxi line or our standard Rtx line, we guarantee that you will receive an exceptionally high-quality fused silica column that you can trust to deliver the accurate, reproducible data you need.

In addition to our broad inventory of 1, 5, and wax columns, Restek also offers convenient tools to help you find the best column quickly. Simply copy and paste your analyte list into our free online EZGC chromatogram modeler and in just seconds you will receive a modeled chromatogram using the column and conditions recommended specifically for your analysis.

With Restek, you can get started quickly and save time and money by choosing the right 1, 5, and wax columns for your work!

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Still have questions? Our Technical Service chemists are here to help!

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