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Is Your Lab Water Clean Enough for Air Canister Humidification?

Meeting the new 20 pptv cleanliness requirement in revised method TO-15A is challenging and, if the water you use to humidify your canisters contains volatiles, you may be headed for trouble. We took a look at what was in our water and explored ways to reduce some common volatile contaminants.

Optimize Splitless Hold Time in Seconds with EZGC Flow Calculator

For splitless injection, you need to set a hold time that is long enough to completely vaporize your analytes and transfer them to the column, but not so long that excess solvent is introduced. Fortunately, as this quick blog video shows, you can find an ideal hold time in seconds using Restek’s EZGC flow calculator.

PFAS LC Column Anatomy: Which Phase, Dimensions, and Particle Type Are Best?

With the expansion of PFAS target analyte lists into shorter chain compounds, the need for better methods is growing. This article explores the impact of phase, dimensions, and particle type and provides options that ensure fast, accurate results.

How Does Fill Gas Choice Affect Sulfur Compound Stability in Air Canisters?

Nitrogen is often used as the fill gas for method validation, calibration, and QC samples, but it can lead to inaccurate results for reactive sulfur compounds. In this article, we explain how fill gas affects your results and show why air is a better choice when sampling unstable sulfur compounds.

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