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Simple Steps for Preventing Unexpected LC Downtime

Investing time in regular LC maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your instrument is performing well and consistently delivering reliable results. In this article, we explore how to develop an effective preventative maintenance plan that will maximize LC lifetime, minimize downtime, and protect data quality.

Solid Phase Extraction: Separation is the Foundation!

Did you know that the same principles that govern liquid chromatography separations are also at play in solid phase extraction (SPE)? In this blog, we explain how two common characteristics—polarity and charge state—can be used to optimize SPE separations. Understanding the polarity and charge of your analytes is one of the easiest ways to determine which SPE stationary and mobile phases will perform best for your target compounds.

Can Analyte Protectants and Matrix Help Improve Peak Shapes?

Recently, in our continued research on low-pressure gas chromatography (LPGC), we encountered peak splitting and distorted shapes for some early eluting pesticides. Temperature had already been optimized, so we explored the impact of adding analyte protectants vs. matrix on peak shape. Here’s what we found.

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