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Get More Uptime with Restek’s Long-Life ESI Electrode for Sciex Turbo V Sources

The harsh environment inside an MS source takes its toll on ESI electrodes, and once they corrode, sensitivity drops, runs fail, and productivity halts while the LC-MS/MS is offline for maintenance. This technical article demonstrates that Restek Long-Life ESI electrodes for Sciex Turbo V sources provide equivalent performance over significantly longer lifetimes compared to other electrodes. Longer lifetimes mean more instrument uptime and higher sample throughput.

Connecting GC Columns Using a SilTite µ-Union

When you need to connect two fused silica GC capillary columns, a durable and reliable connection is vital. In this Restek video tech tip, we show you how to correctly install a SilTite µ-Union connector, so you are certain to get an inert, dead-volume-free connection that won’t contribute to peak broadening.

Best Practices: How to Use a Restek PAL SPME Arrow

Whether you're performing food, environmental, or clinical analyses, Restek's PAL SPME Arrow is a quick and easy sample preparation tool that reduces sample handling, extraction time, and solvent consumption. In this featured video, we show you how simple it is to use a SPME Arrow properly so that you get good results every time.

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