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Ready to Run HILIC? Here’s How to Condition Your Column and Instrument Properly

Eager to try out your new HILIC column? Conditioning the column and instrument is a crucial first step to getting good performance. Conditioning and re-equilibration details differ for HILIC and reversed-phase methods—our quick video explains what you need to do to get good results.

QuEChERS Was Made to Be Modified: Here’s How to Do It

Looking for pharmaceuticals in fish or carcinogens in dried tea? These are just a few examples of how the QuEChERS approach has been adapted to meet different analytical challenges. Watch this quick video and learn what modifications work best for different applications.

Putting Salt in Your Coffee Can Have Benefits

Adding salt to your coffee may not taste as nice as pumpkin spice, but salt is a great way to shorten the SPME extraction time of just about any matrix for headspace VOC analysis. Here’s how the power of salt reduced the time it took our freshly brewed sample to reach equilibrium by 60%.


Can I Skip Conditioning My GC Inlet After Replacing Parts?

New parts like liners, O-rings, and inlet seals can carry contaminants that cause interfering peaks and high background noise. Don’t be tempted to skip conditioning the inlet after replacing these parts; it’s an easy, effective way to drive off contaminants and prevent problems during analysis.

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