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Mystery Solved! A Tale of Tailing Solvent Peaks during Split Injection

Recently, I set up a 20:1 split injection method and noticed a badly tailing solvent peak, which was really odd. My gut feeling told me something was going on in the inlet. Then, I removed my column and found…

Increase Sample Throughput with Restek SPME Arrows

You can analyze more samples with SPME Arrows than with traditional SPME fibers because SPME Arrows have significantly more phase volume. More phase volume means more target analyte can be extracted in less time, which keeps more samples moving through your lab!

Video Tech Tip: GC Inlet Maintenance Made Simple

Don’t lose analysis time due to unplanned events—keep your GCs running at max capacity by doing effective inlet maintenance. Our quick video will help you reduce downtime for troubleshooting and repair by setting up a solid preventative maintenance strategy.

Keep Samples Moving Through the Lab by Preventing High LC Back Pressure

High back pressure is a fact of life for HPLC and UHPLC analysts, but diagnosing problems and preventing future ones is the best way to keep your instruments up and running. Read on to learn how to ensure removal of particulates that cause unexpected downtime.

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