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The Future of Rapid Screening: CBS Technology Takes Samples Directly to MS

Coated blade spray (CBS) technology is a new technique that is redefining rapid-screening analysis. In this novel approach, a coated blade is used for sample collection and then coupled directly to a mass spectrometer, providing truly rapid screening without the need for chromatography. With sample preparation taking mere minutes and analysis time reduced to seconds, the entire workflow allows for an unprecedented rate of data collection, drastically reducing screening time and allowing you to quickly identify those samples that require confirmatory analysis.

How Does Organic Modifier Choice Affect Selectivity in LC Separations?

There are times when labs may be interested in switching from one organic modifier to another while still trying to achieve the same separation in approximately the same time. The question is, can that be easily done? In this article, we explore how differences in organic modifiers affect chromatographic performance and what to expect when switching between acetonitrile and methanol in reversed-phase LC methods.

New LPGC Approach Speeds Up Pesticides Analysis

Throughput is one of the most important parameters in the lab. The more samples we can analyze in a day, the sooner we can get home. Enter low-pressure GC (LPGC), a new technique that uses a relatively short, wide, thick film analytical column paired with a narrower guard column that functions as a restrictor. This setup allows faster analysis without a total loss of efficiency. The real question is how much faster is it? Here, we explore the answer with a QuEChERS pesticides analysis.

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