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Restek US Sales Representatives

U.S. Sales

Customers outside the United States, contact your local Restek representative.

How can we help you today?

Get sales support fast! Restek’s U.S. sales team is built for one purpose: to quickly respond to your needs. We appreciate your business and strive to become your supplier of choice for innovative chromatography products. If you are looking for immediate sales support or a personal consultation; want to arrange a product demonstration, product evaluation, or on-site training; or have a literature/catalog request, contact your dedicated territory manager today to experience Restek Plus 1 service!

Contact your local U.S. Territory Manager today!
1-800-356-1688 • 1-814-353-1300

John Baker John Baker
ext. 2279
Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan

Irwin_Keith Keith Irwin
ext. 2028
Texas 77000-77999

Jamey Carmichael Jamey Carmichael
Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee

Amol Kafle Amol Kafle
Southern California ≤ 93599

Richard Cummings Richard Cummings
ext. 2003

Shelby Kuenzi Shelby Kuenzi
ext. 2008
Illinois ≤61099, Minnesota, Wisconsin

Dan DeLurio Dan DeLurio
Oregon, Washington

Megan Pollock Megan Pollock
ext. 2540
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Thi Do Thi Do
ext. 2016
Connecticut, New Jersey 07000-07999
& 08800-08999, New York ≤11999,
Pennsylvania ≥17000

Ravindra Rane Ravindra Rane
ext. 2005
Massachusetts, New York ≥12000, Rhode Island

Jared Downard Jared Downard
Illinois ≥61100, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri

AJ Saclyn AJ Saclyn
ext. 2413
Alaska, Northern California ≥93600, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming

Cathy Hetrick Cathy Hetrick
ext. 2316
Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey 08000-08799, Vermont, Washington DC

Heidi White Heidi White
ext. 2541
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

Jason Hetrick Jason Hetrick
ext. 2109

Darrel Zezzo Darrel Zezzo
ext. 2024
Ohio, Pennsylvania ≤16999, West Virginia

Vivian Huynh Vivian Huynh
ext. 2554
Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas ≤76999 & ≥78000

To request a product quote, simply email us.

For general inquiries to the team, you can also email us, or call 1-800-356-1688, ext. 3.

Trent Sprenkle Trent Sprenkle
ext. 2014
America Sales Manager

Jerica Ramish Jerica Ramish
ext. 2195
Latin America Sales Manager

Richard Cummings Richard Cummings
ext. 2003
Diagnostics Sales Specialist

Keith Irwin Keith Irwin
ext. 2028
Key Account Manager

All Restek products are available directly from Restek and are also available through select domestic U.S. distribution partners.

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