Custom Ultra-High Purity Gas Regulator Quote Form

Custom Ultra-High Purity Gas Regulator Quote Form

To request a quote for a custom ultra-high purity gas regulator, please fill out and submit the form below. We will acknowledge your request via email within 1 business day; most quotes are provided via email within 2-3 business days.

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Single-Stage: Single-stage regulators reduce the pressure of the gas source to the desired delivery pressure in one step. They do not provide the precise control of delivery pressure that can be achieved with a dual-stage pressure regulator, but they are more economical. Single-stage pressure regulators should be used for applications where you can monitor and regulate the pressure downstream.
Dual-Stage: Dual-stage regulators provide more precise pressure control by reducing the gas source pressure to the desired delivery pressure in two steps. They are recommended for supplying gas where constant delivery pressure is critical, especially if your gas source is a high-pressure cylinder. As the cylinder gas is used, the inlet pressure to the regulator from the cylinder decreases. A dual-stage regulator compensates for the decrease and maintains a constant delivery pressure; whereas, a single-stage regulator does not.
In-Line: Line regulators are single-stage pressure regulators that are used to provide point-of-use pressure monitoring and control. These pressure regulators are installed directly into gas lines, immediately before your instrumentation, to ensure the appropriate gas pressure is being delivered to your instrument. A dual-stage or single-stage pressure regulator should always be installed upstream of the in-line regulator to ensure adequate pressure control.
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Chrome-Plated Brass: A great economical choice for non-corrosive gases.
Stainless Steel: Enhanced resistance to corrosive gases like hydrogen.
Sulfinert Treatment: Ideal for low-level sulfur and mercury analysis.
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PLEASE NOTE: Custom Restek products (i.e., non-stocked, non-catalog items) that meet the requested product specifications are not returnable or refundable. Be sure to check the product specifications in your quote request before submitting. Also, recheck the specifications in your sales quote before placing your order. If you have any questions, contact Restek or your local Restek representative.

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