Restek Capillary Column Installation Guide

Restek Capillary Column Installation Guide


  1. Brief Installation Procedure
  2. In-depth Installation Information
    1. Instrument preparation
    2. Column Mounting and Installation
    3. Setting Optimum Flow Rates
    4. Confirming Installation Integrity
    5. Conditioning
    6. Test Mixtures
  3. Operational Information
    1. Standby operation
    2. Column removal and storage
    3. Protection against dirty samples
    4. Connecting fused silica tubing
    5. Connecting stainless steel tubing
    6. Column maintenance and rinsing
    7. Injecting water and other solvents
  4. Column Troubleshooting & Return Procedure
    1. Pinpointing Performance Problems
    2. Contacting Restek for Technical Service
    3. Return Authorization Procedure

Why Read This Guide?

This guide helps chromatographers prevent costly mistakes that could potentially damage a Restek column. Section I describes a brief capillary column installation procedure. Section II provides in-depth installation information necessary to ensure the best performance from your column. The third section provides operational hints that will help extend column lifetime and the last section outlines warranty and return procedures.

Have Questions or Need Help Troubleshooting?

Contact Restek Technical Service or contact your local Restek representative.

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