Reference Standards

Reference Standards


Build a rock-solid analytical foundation with Restek reference standards.

Your business, your accreditations, your reputation, and even your livelihood.... They are all supported by your reference standards. Whether you are processing environmental samples or petroleum products, testing pharmaceuticals or food, your laboratory cannot stand without a trusted source of high-quality organic reference standards.

Even using Restek’s industry-leading chromatography products, you won’t get the results your customers demand without support from the finest reference standards available. We have an experienced team working two shifts per day to make sure that Restek reference standards offer you the extended shelf life, unsurpassed stability, and outstanding chromatographic performance you need to get your work done right.

Restek was founded by chemists and has succeeded by providing fellow chemists like you with the right tools for the job. When it comes to the time-consuming labor of mixing reference standards—not to mention sourcing, verifying, and storing your own raw materials—Restek’s internationally recognized experts have already done the work for you. Turn to Restek for the ISO quality, custom flexibility, and easy-to-find documentation you require in your reference standards to fit your workflows and trust your results.

Over 99% of the reference standards in the Restek catalog are certified reference materials (CRMs), and that includes both single-component and multicomponent mixes. Restek has also maintained ISO 9001 registration since 1994. Put another way, almost all of our stock reference standards are officially recognized as being manufactured and QC tested under the world-class quality standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Many laboratories are required to purchase CRMs to satisfy their own ISO requirements, but even if you are not, you can still benefit from the performance, reliability, and consistency of Restek reference standards.

Restek offers fully ISO-compliant documentation for our reference standards. Electronic and archived on Restek’s servers, certification for your stock or custom reference standards is available any time and from anywhere. You no longer need filing cabinets and boxes full of paper.... Let Restek be your data repository and your source for unbeatable reference standards.

Regardless of your line of work or type of analysis, Restek can precisely formulate the ideal reference standards tailored to your needs. We are the world’s premier supplier of stock and custom organic chemical reference standards servicing all major analytical markets. And we maintain an active inventory of more than 1,500 different reference standards—routinely stocking multiple lots of our most popular calibration standards—and we pull inventory months before its expiration date. If it’s in our catalog, your next reference standard is likely in our warehouse and waiting for your order.

Make Restek reference standards an integral part of your workflow. Our reference standards are the bedrock on which solid analyses are built. Give your data and everyone that relies on it the support they deserve; order your Restek reference standards today.

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