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Restek also offers Custom Gas Calibration Standards.

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(Looking for Custom Gas Calibration Standards?)
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2. Intended use (will only appear on certificate): 
3. Solvent: 
4. Number of components: 
5. Minimum volume/ampul:   1 mL
 5 mL
 10 mL
 20 mL

Note: Individual container volumes ≥ 30mL require additional Hazardous Shipping fees. For more information contact your local Restek® representative.

Note: Individual container volumes > 20 mL are packaged in screw-top bottles.


6. Packaging: Number of ampuls:


Note: Minimum order of 3 ampuls required.

Package Type:

 Individual plastic flex tubes (Click here for photo.)
 Environmentally friendly fluted cardboard rondo (Click here for photo.).

Note: Fluted cardboard rondos are available for orders in multiples of 5 only. Price is the same for either package option.


Note: Unless specified above, this reference standard will be packaged 1 ampul per an appropriately sized flex tube.


7. Select the testing and documentation that best meet your requirements:

Product supplied with the gravimetric records detailing exact amount of each raw material used, purity of each material used, total volume prepared, calculated concentration, and a unique lot number.


A single sample withdrawn from the packaged units is tested by the appropriate technique to verify mixture composition. Product supplied with a certificate of composition showing a chromatogram of the standard with each peak identified, raw material purity, and gravimetric concentration.


A sample of the packaged unit is analyzed in triplicate and the peak areas are statistically compared to a previous lot (if available) or a second lot. Unless otherwise specified, the acceptance criteria are as follows: The coefficient of variation (CV) will not exceed 5% for the peak areas of the triplicate injections of the sample. The percent difference of the average peak areas of the sample compared to the previous or second lot will not exceed 10%. A detailed data pack is available at containing gravimetric documentation, all quantitative assay raw data, and statistics. All raw material purity and identification results are available upon request.

8. Select the language for your safety data sheet (SDS): 

9. Compounds: To ensure accurate identification, CAS numbers are required for each compound.
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10. Concentration units:
11. Does your lab require the use of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)?



Restek’s quality policy is to use the highest purity raw materials available; however, not all materials will be free of impurities. Please specify any compounds that cannot be present in your formulation. We will do our best to ensure that these compounds are not present in the raw materials used to manufacture your standard. Please also list any additional compounds or special requirements not previously identified. Thank you.

12. Notes and comments:

  • Visit to learn more about our ISO quality credentials and view our certificates (including scopes of accreditation).
  • Restek uses the highest purity raw materials available and will make a weight correction on any compound with a purity less than 99%.
  • Concentration is based upon gravimetric preparation using a calibrated balance (verified daily using NIST traceable weights) and/or dilutions with Class A glassware.
  • All concentrations under 0.001% are based on serial dilution calculations using class A glassware and are not verified by testing.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom Restek® products (i.e., non-stocked, non-catalog items) that meet the requested product specifications are not returnable or refundable. Be sure to check the product specifications in your quote request before submitting. Also re-check the specifications in your sales quote before placing your order. If you have any questions, contact Restek or your local Restek® representative.

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Before processing your request, a Restek® representative will contact you within 2 business days. Please confirm your contact information above and select your preferred contact method:



You can also fax a request to (814) 353-1309,
or email our Reference Standards Group.


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