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Dimethyldichlorosilane (DMDCS) Deactivating Agent

  • Easy deactivation of liners and other glass surfaces.
  • Convenient—25 mL bottle deactivates 60 inlet liners.
  • Tested to ensure consistent quality and effectiveness.

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Amine Column Test Mix (GC) (8 components)

For Stabilwax-DB, Rtx-5 Amine, Rtx-35 Amine, and Rtx-Volatile Amine columns.

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Acylation Derivatization Reagents

  • Most commonly used for electron capture detection.
  • React with alcohols, amines, and phenols.
  • Frequently used for drugs of abuse confirmation.

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Alkylation Derivatization Reagents

  • Add alkyl groups to functional hydrogens (H).
  • Decrease polarity on compounds containing acidic hydrogens, i.e., phenols, carboxylic acids.
  • Form an ester.

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Silylation Derivatization Reagents

  • Replace active hydrogen, reducing polarity and making the compounds more volatile.
  • Increase stability of derivatives.

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Grob Test Mix (Capillary GC) (12 components)

For use with temperature-programmed conditions.

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