Ultra-Clean Resin

Equivalent to XAD-2 ResinExclusively from Restek!

Ultra-Clean resin typically eliminates the hassle of cleaning and testing resin for air sampling.

  • For adsorbing semivolatiles in air.
  • Cleaned and GC tested.
  • Available in 100 gram quantities.

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Cleaned Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Cartridges

  • Use for collection of semivolatiles (pesticides, PCBs, PAHs).
  • Both large high-volume (220280 L/min) and small low-volume (15 L/min) PUFs available.
  • Suitable for ambient, indoor, and industrial hygiene applications.
  • PUF/XAD-2 "sandwiches" capture a wider range of semivolatiles.
  • Precleaned and ready to use.

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PUF Glass Holders

Durable and reusable, PUF glass holders reduce waste and are a cost-effective alternative to precleaned packed cartridges.

  • Fit either 6 cm or 22 mm OD PUF plug or can be used with bulk SDVB resin.
  • Large glass holder fitted with double stainless steel screens for support.
  • Small glass holder has stem designed for secure 1/4" ID tubing connection to sampling pump.

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Raw Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Plugs

  • Unwashed PUF plugs for both low-volume and high-volume sampling.
  • Flame retardant freemaking them easier to clean for trace analysis.
  • Compliant with EPA and ASTM methods0.022 g/cm3 density.
  • Glass holders sold separately.

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SDVB Resin

  • Styrene/divinylbenzene, equivalent to XAD-2 resin.
  • Untreated, packaged in 1 kg plastic containers.
  • Spherical, 20 to 60 mesh particles.

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