Manifolds & Replacement Parts

Manifolds & Replacement Parts


Resprep VM-96 Vacuum Manifold for 96-Well Plates

  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel and aluminum body stays in place and does not slide like lighter models.
  • Viewing window allows easy observation of plate height and drip rate.
  • Durable O-ring and gaskets resist solvent damage and provide leak-free seals time after time.
  • Precision-manufactured parts assemble quickly and easily, with perfect alignment of well plate and collection plate.
  • Customize plate height to your exact requirements; precision height adaptor and five shims in a range of thicknesses allow easy, accurate configuration.
  • Works with any manufacturer’s well plates and collection plates for solid phase extraction (SPE), supported liquid extraction (SLE), protein precipitation (PPT), and filtration.

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Resprep 12- or 24-Port SPE Manifolds

  • Use with any standard male luer end SPE cartridges.
  • Inert, PTFE sample guides reduce cross-contamination and carryover.
  • Flexible sample collection rack will accommodate a variety of receiving vessels.
  • Quick vacuum-release valve for better system control.
  • Individual valves allow vacuum control for each cartridge, improving reproducibility.

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Resprep 6-Port Disk Manifold Lid

  • Low-cost option for disk extraction; fits standard 3 3/4" x 7 1/2" glass vacuum chambers.
  • Doubles sample capacityholds six disks, compared to standard 12-port manifolds, which only hold three.
  • Individual vacuum control for each port improves reproducibility.
  • Collection plate design secures variety of receiving vessels.
  • Inert PTFE sample guides reduce cross-contamination and carryover.
  • Compatible with any standard male luer end disk holder.

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Resprep Sample Delivery System

  • Compatible with Resprep 1, 3, 6, and 15 mL SPE cartridges.
  • Six PTFE transfer lines (1/8" OD x 1/16" ID x 36" long); each is banded with a different color for easy sample identification.
  • Specified in EPA drinking water methods.
  • Tested to pH of 1 to ensure no contaminants leach from system.

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Vacuum Pumps


  • PTFE wetted parts are highly resistant to corrosive gases.
  • Diaphragm-based pump is low maintenance and virtually pollution free.
  • Quiet, low-vibration units keep disturbances to a minimum.
  • Built-in thermal protector automatically shuts off pump if it overheats and then restarts it once the unit is cool.
  • International CE and CSA certification.
  • Applications include vacuum filtration, gel electrophoresis, solid-phase extraction, solvent purification, thermal desorption (TD) tubes, sampling bags, and general use. (Not intended to evacuate air canisters.)

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