LC-MS Nitrogen Purification/Generation

LC-MS Nitrogen Purification/Generation


Parker Balston Nitrogen Gas Generators for LC-MS

  • Turn compressed air into ultra-pure nitrogen (up to 99.5%).
  • Flows from 1 to 44 L/min.
  • Models N2-04, N2-14, N2-22, and N2-35 require no electricity.
  • Safe, reliable, low maintenance.
  • Maintenance kits include replacement filters.
  • 12-month warranty from date of purchase.

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Restek Super Clean Gas Trapping System for LC-MS

A Super Clean quick-change cartridge system efficiently removes hydrocarbons from nitrogen!

  • Designed for easy, hassle-free cartridge changes.
  • Up to 20 L of hydrocarbon-free nitrogen per minute.
  • Filters connected in parallel to handle high flows for LC-MS.

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