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Throughout the Restek website, there are many search tools, online request forms, and downloadable certificates that help you find the exact Restek product or chromatography information you are searching for. The following links are shortcuts to some of our most popular online tools.

GC Column Cross-Reference: Columns by Phase – Simple guide for conversion from other manufacturers or USP nomenclature.

GCxGC Column Combination Guide – Orthogonal selectivity is the key to success in multidimensional GC, and this simple chart will help you pair up the right primary and secondary columns for your application.

Guide to GC Column Selection and Optimizing Separations – Learn the basics of separation and how to choose the right GC column.

GC Inlet Maintenance: Restek’s Quick-Reference Guide – Select the right GC inlet supplies, prevent unwanted downtime with a preventative GC inlet maintenance program, and easily order the GC inlet supplies you need for your specific instrument.

Agilent GC-MS Maintenance: Restek’s Quick-Reference Guide – Maintain and enhance your instrument's performance with our line of routine GC-MS maintenance and replacement parts for Agilent mass spectrometers.

Packed Column Information – Restek's technical specialists have put together this thorough GC capillary installation guide to help analysts avoid costly mistakes, ensure top performance, and more.

Restek Capillary Column Installation Guide – For specific applications, use these optimized columns for better method performance.

Custom Packed/Micropacked Column Request Form – If you cannot find the packed or micropacked column you need in our catalog, then complete and send in this form. Our packed column specialists will provide pricing and lead times for the custom columns you have requested.

LC Column Physical Characteristics Chart – Compare chromatography column information for our most popular phases.

Diagnosing and Preventing High Back Pressure in LC Systems – Learn techniques for mitigating particulates and preventing high back pressure in LC instruments.

USP Phase and Support Cross-Reference Chart – Cross-reference a non-Restek phase or support to an equivalent Restek phase or support.

1/5/Waxes Column Cross-Reference Tool – View a wide variety of stationary phases and column configurations to find the best column for your analyses.

Pro EZGC Chromatogram Modeler – Use our new, improved version of our popular EZGC chromatogram modeler for polymer capillary columns with its advanced options for selecting phases, changing carrier gases, and control parameters to help develop new methods or optimize existing ones more efficiently and effectively.

Reference Standards
Reference Standards – Search, Select, and Custom Request – Search our reference standards by compound name, synonym, or CAS #. If you cannot find a specific chemical standard, simply proceed through the form to request a custom reference standard for some or all of your compounds of interest.

Air Sampling
Custom Gas Calibration Standards Form – If you cannot find a specific gas calibration standard in our online catalog, just complete this form and our specialists will evaluate whether the gas calibration standard can be made, work with you to resolve any questions that may arise, and provide a quote for the standard.

Other Resources
Chromatography Calculators – Online tools and reference tables for optimization.

Documentation Search – Enter the catalog or lot/serial number of your reference standard to retrieve material safety data sheets (MSDSs), certificates of analysis, and datapacks for reference standards, LC columns, GC guard columns, polyimide resin, and more.

Injector Animations – Animated cutaway schematics showing various modes of injection.

Online Troubleshooting – Further resources to help you solve your chromatography challenges, including frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Restek Advantage – Explore our online magazine for technical information covering industry news, chromatography applications, and guest editorials from leaders in a wide range of fields.

ChromaBLOGraphy – Check out posts from our knowledgeable team.

Technical Library – Browse through hundreds of chromatography articles and publications online.

Video Library – Browse dozens of quick-hitting Restek chromatography videos to guide you through troubleshooting, selecting the right products, generating better data, and more.

Custom Ultra-High Purity Gas Regulator Request Form – If you cannot find the gas regulator you need in our online catalog, then complete and send in this form. Our product specialists will provide pricing and lead times for the custom regulators you have requested.

GC Nut/Ferrule Compatibility Table – Quickly find which Restek nuts and ferrules you need to install a column in your GC.

Organic Volatile Impurities: Retention Time Index – View retention times along with data collection conditions.

Vial Selection Tool – Use this online tool to find the right vial fast. Pick vial type, volume, color, modifications, and orifice size—and you’ll get the vial you need in seconds.

ASTM Product Guide – Quickly pick the right GC columns and reference standards for SimDist, DHA, finished gasoline, and other common petroleum analyses.

Autosampler Syringes for Thermo Scientific GCs – Our compatibility table shows you which SGE and Hamilton syringes to use with specific Thermo Scientific GC autosamplers.

ASE Extraction System Parts Cross-Reference – Browse our most frequently requested ASE extraction parts with Dionex cross-reference information for fast and convenient selection.

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