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2.3x Faster Nitrosamines Analysis with LPGC-MS

Featured Application: Nitrosamines on LPGC Rxi-624Sil MS

  • Up to 2.3x faster than conventional GC-MS analysis.
  • Reduces helium usage by up to 67% compared to conventional GC-MS methods. 
  • Rxi-624Sil MS kits are factory connected with a proven leak-free connector making LPGC as simple as a column change.

Nitrosamines are widespread impurities that are prevalent in food products, including processed foods, cured meats, and vegetables, along with cosmetics, drinking water, and the air. Due to the carcinogenic potential of these compounds at low levels, the FDA, in collaboration with other regulatory authorities, provides guidance on the acceptable daily limit (ADL) for nitrosamines. Accurate and efficient methods are needed to monitor nitrosamine levels across food and consumable products and the environment. GC methodologies for nitrosamines are frequently performed using 30 m 624 type capillary columns and require high amounts of helium, a costly and nonrenewable resource. To reduce helium usage and analysis times, shorter or thinner-film columns are an attractive alternative; however, these column types are not recommended for use with ion-trap GC-MS/MS systems because the chromatographic peak widths generated are insufficient to obtain a necessary number of scans during peak elution.

Our low-pressure GC (LPGC) column kits provide an advantage in nitrosamine analysis by reducing both analysis time and helium usage and are available in two different configurations to accommodate the unique testing requirements of each laboratory. The LPGC-MS method shown in Figure 1 below, run on our 10 m x 0.32 mm ID LPGC Rxi-624 Sil MS kit (cat.# 11804), increased the speed of analysis by 2.3x and reduced helium consumption by 67% compared to conventional GC-MS methods. Our 15 m x 0.53 mm ID LPGC Rxi-624 Sil MS kit (cat.# 11803) is the recommended kit for laboratories performing large volume injections and can be used out of the box without the hassle of attaching a guard column. Utilizing LPGC kit, cat.# 11803, the LPGC method was 1.8x faster with a 29% reduction in helium consumption (shown in Figure 2). LPGC is an opportunity for laboratories to increase the efficiency of current methodologies and reduce laboratory costs and is as simple as a column change. Additionally, all our LPGC column kits are factory coupled and individually tested, so you can have the assurance of a leak-free connection. Learn more about LPGC at

Figure 1: Comparison of Conventional and LPGC-MS (cat.# 11804) Analysis of Nitrosamines



Figure 2: Comparison of Conventional and LPGC-MS (cat.# 11803) Analysis of Nitrosamines