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Strong as Steel, Inert as Glass: Put the Power of Restek Packed GC Columns to Work for You

  • SilcoSmooth tubing provides the inertness of glass and the durability of stainless steel, so you get accurate results for a wide range of active compounds without column breakage.
  • Stable bonded stationary phases mean short conditioning times, low bleed, and long column lifetimes.
  • Excellent retention time reproducibility delivers reliable, predictable results.

Packed GC columns offer large sample capacity and can often retain and separate compounds that cannot easily be analyzed by other techniques. While these advantages have resulted in their use in a wide range of applications, traditional packed GC columns are limited by unstable phases that break down easily, producing high column bleed and short column lifetimes. In addition, the tubing used for packed GC columns can present challenges; columns packed in glass tubing are inflexible and break easily, whereas columns made with untreated metal tubing typically are not inert, meaning active compounds cannot be analyzed accurately as they react with the metal tubing.

Restek packed GC columns overcome these problems and are preferred over conventional packed GC columns because they are exceptionally rugged and inert. You can generate accurate data quickly and reliably with less downtime for column changes with Restek packed GC columns since they combine high-quality SilcoSmooth tubing with stable bonded-phase technology. SilcoSmooth tubing is rugged, ultra-smooth, seamless 304 stainless-steel tubing that is deactivated with innovative Siltek treatment. This process results in packed GC columns that have both the inertness of deactivated glass and the strength and flexibility of stainless steel. In addition, our bonded-phase technology features coated supports that are extremely stable and result in longer column lifetimes, lower bleed, and excellent reproducibility.

Quality counts at Restek, and we build it into every column we make to assure performance. Restek packed GC columns are subjected to rigorous quality checks to ensure reliable performance and retention time reproducibility. In addition, we use weight measurements to ensure reproducible packing density and flow rate measurements to verify consistent pressure drop.

Put the power of Restek packed GC columns to work in your lab today. We offer a broad range of common phases, as well as application-specific products developed for light hydrocarbon analysis, sulfurs, permanent gases, and ASTM Method D3606. Whether it is a stock product or customized solution, you’ll find the right packed GC column for your method at Restek.

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