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The RAVE Family of Air Sampling Valves: Excellence Is Our Standard

  • Proven long life
  • Leak-free performance
  • Effortless operation
  • Enhanced damage resistance

Our family of Restek Air Valve Excellence valves feature proven long life, leak-free performance (helium leak tested to 1x10-6 mL/sec), and effortless operation. New, highperformance RAVE+ diaphragm valves—redesigned with advanced features designed for reliability and ease of use—are standard on our full line of SilcoCan, TO-Can, and miniature air sampling canisters. RAVEn diaphragm valves bring the high quality of our original RAVE brand to your Entech air canisters. RAVEqc quick-connect air valves offer an even faster, tool-free means of collecting your sample in the field or analyzing it the lab. RAVEqc quick-connect air valves are ideal for both Restek and Entech air cans.

Available options:

  • All RAVE+, RAVEn, and RAVEqc valves are made in the U.S. from rugged stainless steel and are available with or without Siltek treatment for added inertness.
  • RAVE+ and RAVEn diaphragm valves: choose from 2-port or 3-port (for optional gauge) models. Rebuild kits available.
  • RAVEqc quick-connect valves: browse our wide selection of valve and fitting options.


RAVE+ Diaphragm Air Valves

  • Exclusive polymer-free construction means no sample contamination from off-gassing or target compound loss due to adsorption.
  • Durable, roller-hardened valve port threads provide superior performance—and every valve is helium leak tested to 1x10-6 mL/sec.
  • Rugged, work-hardened, proprietary, all-metal valve seats provide protection against particles that cause leaks.
  • VOC-free, thread-locking adhesive keeps valve knob securely in place.
  • Hard-stop design prevents users from overturning the valve and locking it open.
  • Effortless operation—easily finger turn to achieve full valve closure (only 10 in-lb).
  • Rugged, 100% stainless-steel construction ensures long service life.

Turn to your trusted partner for air sampling and chromatography. Order Restek Air Valve Excellence for your Restek or Entech air sampling canisters today.

Excellence Is Our Standard – RAVE+ Diaphragm Valves Are Standard on All Restek Air Canisters

If you use a traditional diaphragm valve, RAVE+ valves are now standard on our full line of SilcoCan, TO-Can, and miniature air sampling canisters. RAVE+ valves are also available separately for upgrading existing air canisters to improve reliability and performance. Choose RAVE+ valves to upgrade your Restek canisters or RAVEn valves to upgrade your Entech canisters.

RAVEqc Quick-Connect Air Valves

  • Simplify your workflow—tool-free design makes it fast and easy for anyone to make consistent, quality connections.
  • Extend air canister and valve lifetime—no wrenches means no overtightening or cross-threading damage.
  • Stand-alone or supporting roles—use alone or pair with a bellows/diaphragm valve for the ultimate in sample security and convenience.
  • Compatible with Entech Micro-QT valves.


figure-article-evss2105-02.jpg figure-article-evss2105-03.jpg
If the parts are connected, the valve is open. If they’re apart, it’s closed.*
* Open-position valves also available.

Save Time with RAVEqc Quick-Connect Air Valves

In addition to being tool-free, easy to use, and reducing the risk of damage, RAVEqc quick-connect air valves make connecting and disconnecting to other devices faster than with compression fittings. As shown in Table I, a skilled user working confidently and quickly was able to attach 12 canisters with RAVE diaphragm valves to an oven in about 5 minutes. That same user was able to get 12 canisters with RAVEqc quick-connect air valves hooked up in half the time!

Table I: Connect and disconnect your air canisters in half the time with RAVEqc quick-connect air valves.

Valve Attach (sec) Detach (sec) Total (sec) x12 Canister (sec) Oven Load/
Unload (min)
RAVEqc 1 8.32 5.45 13.77 165.2  
RAVEqc 2 6.56 5.22 11.78 141.4  
RAVEqc 3 6.65 4.59 11.24 134.9  
RAVEqc Avg. 7.18 5.09 12.26 147.2 2.45
RAVE 1 13.70 14.18 27.88 334.6  
RAVE 2 12.63 12.25 24.88 298.6  
RAVE 3 13.03 10.63 23.66 283.9  
RAVE Avg. 13.12 12.35 25.47 305.7 5.09

Simplify Your Workflow with Tool-Free RAVEqc Quick-Connect Air Valves

Whether you need to replace your existing bellows/diaphragm valves or want the extra sample security of using two valves in tandem, RAVEqc quick-connect air valves are a tool-free, easy-to-use option that will make air sampling and analysis much easier. There’s never any question about whether or not the valve is open because you can tell at a glance. If the male and female valves are connected, the flow path is open. If they aren’t, it’s closed. Open-position valves also available.*

* Open-position option available to prevent vacuum/pressure from being trapped by the valve when desired (e.g., when using a vacuum/pressure gauge). High flow facilitates use with canister-cleaning ovens.

Which RAVEqc Quick-Connect Air Valves Do I Need?

Use these guidelines to select the perfect RAVEqc quick-connect air valve for your application!

  • Every RAVEqc quick-connect air valve has two halves (valve end and fitting end). Match each end to the opposite gender valve or fitting. For fittings, also be sure to match the connection dimension.
    • To connect directly to a Restek air can with a tube stub ¼" female compression fitting, use a bracket and any RAVEqc air valve with a ¼” male compression fitting.


    • To connect to the ¼" male compression fitting on a diaphragm valve that is installed on an air canister, use a RAVEqc quick-connect air valve with a tube end fitting.
  • For tube end fittings, choose length based on the clearances you need for installation.
  • For reactive compounds, use Siltek-treated valves for a highly inert sample path.
  • Male valves are less expensive than female valves, so use them on your most numerous devices (e.g., air canisters, not cleaning ovens).