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A Few Ideas for Chromatographers During the Covid-19 Situation

8 Apr 2020

The other day, I and some of my colleagues started a discussion about how chromatographers are handling the current Covid-19 situation. Some are working from home, and some are experiencing temporary closures. Those that are working are likely working under “new” conditions – social distancing, additional personal protective equipment, possibly working different shifts, etc.

Since the tech support team is in our home offices, we use Skype and email to correspond. That has been a big change to us and likely a change for many of our ChromaBLOGraphy readers. As we talked, my colleagues immediately turned towards shutting down laboratory equipment. Laboratory equipment is expensive and it should be properly shut down to help ensure that it can be back up and running when needed.


Here are some other thoughts of things one can do:

• Go through your reagents and reference standards. Thoroughly check expiration dates. That is usually the first place an auditor focuses when visiting a lab. You can also make sure your inventory is accurate.

• Perform instrument qualification, if you are required to perform IQ/OQ/PQ in your industry. That way your instrument does not need to go off line, when you are in the middle of a project.

• Turn to Restek and read ChromaBLOGraphy posts. There’s a wealth of information.

• Maybe it has been a while since you had your ProFLOW 6000 electronic flowmeter calibrated, so have that completed. Restek recommends a yearly calibration to maintain its accuracy. Although Restek's electronic leak detector does not require a yearly calibration, it can be serviced/repaired to help maintain its functionality.

• Binge watch Restek chromatography videos.

• Hone some your chromatography skills in our technical library. There’s something of interest for most anyone!

• Although not chromatography related, you can always start a home project, get out for a walk, or turn to a hobby. Personally, I’m going to need a new fly box (or two) to hold all the flies I have tied for fishing.

Stay safe and stay healthy!