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A Tale of Two Columns (CLPesticides and CLPesticides2)—Part III: Using the GC Accelerator Kit for Dual Column Analyses

30 May 2019

In my previous two blogs (Part I and Part II), I mentioned the use of Restek’s GC Accelerator Oven Insert Kit (cat. #23849) for making your methods even faster.  The GC Accelerator kit was originally released with the intent of being used with an Agilent GC-MS system; however, this same kit can also be used for speeding up dual column / detector analyses, such as EPA 8081.  In this blog, I am going to show you how to install the GC Accelerator kit for use with dual columns.

Step 1: Obtain columns to be used in a tied format, without cages.  This is important, as it will allow for both columns to fit in the oven with the GC Accelerator kit installed.  When ordering columns, use the suffix “-051” after the column catalog number to request a specific column without a cage.

Step 2: Install the guard column in the back inlet and connect the two tied analytical columns to the guard using a Y-type connector.  Analytical columns can be installed in front and back detectors.  Ensure all columns are in the back position of the oven (Figure 1).  Be sure to pressurize and leak check before proceeding with installation of the GC Accelerator kit.

mechanical fan
Figure 1: Guard column installed in back inlet, connected to two analytical columns using "Y" press-tight. Analytical columns installed into front and back detectors.

Step 3:  Install the first two blocks of the GC Accelerator kit as shown in Figure 2.  The column that is installed in the front detector should come through the opening to the right of the small block on top (Figure 3).

GC Accelerator
Figure 2: Blocks installed in front of columns.

injection port
Figure 3: Analytical column comes through the opening to the right of the small block to go into front detector.

Step 4: Lastly, install the insert of the GC Accelerator kit (Figure 4).  This piece will be pushed against the front inlet and front detector.  Close the oven door.  This should not take excessive force if GC Accelerator plate is installed correctly.

oven door
Figure 4: GC Accelerator insert installed.

That’s all there is to it!  In my final blog I will show you a method for accelerating run times for 8081 on the CLPesticides and CLPesticides2 columns, both in 30m x 0.32mm ID and 30m x 0.25mm ID formats.