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A Tip for those that are tired of connecting I-Phone/Pad or USB the wrong Way. Use of “Chromato - Graphy” in a different way

21 Aug 2013

Do you recognize this problem? When you plug in the cable of your I-phone or any USB, you always put the plug the "wrong" way?

I have it all the time. There is a 50% chance you do this the “wrong” way. There is a small sign on the plugs, but it is not easy to see, (especially for older people like me).  Normal power plugs in USA and Europe can be used both ways. UK plugs also need one position, but the plug itself is clearly designed how to use it, so it is always plugged in correctly.  The USB and I- connections are not clear at all.

II got really irritated by this and here is my simple solution, see Fig.1

Fig. 1 The Top-side of USB and I-Phone connections can easily be recognised by putting a simple mark on there..

For the white plugs, take a black water-resistant-marker, like Edding (fig 2) and put a simple "dot" on the top side. You never make a mistake again.

If you have a black USB plug, use “liquid paper” see fig 2.

also called wite-out or tipp ex, and also put a mark on the top side.  For the USB sides, "top side "can be 2 sides,  depending on the position of the USB - slot.

edding + white out
Fig 2: Edding black permanent marker to use on white (I-phone/pad) connections and the "White marker" works well on all black USB connections.


Where does the chromatography fit in?

First of all: Chromatography comes from the Greek: chroma "color" and  graphein  "to write".  This is basically what we are doing here on the connections.


There is another link:

When the first columns were commercialized, we needed to mark the column for insertion distance in inlet/detector. We always used the liquid paper ”tipp ex” for that. It was even sold it as “high temperature paint”.

Later we tried also coating it in a column. As the basis is TiO2, it makes a beautiful coated column, but has no application

The visual marking of your I-phone, Tablets and USB connections will allow you always to plug in correctly.  I did it and it works for me.. Try it, you may like it..


Agreed, in the dark it’s still remains a challenge..