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Can I really pack my own LC column?

27 Feb 2022

Some research labs find the need to pack their own columns and like to use our Pack in a Box Kit, catalog #26408. If you are considering this, you might have a few questions like these.

Should beginner level LC users pack their own columns with this kit?

This kit is best used by more experienced LC users and those involved in research. Packing columns requires a specific set of skills that is not common for LC users in general.

What is included with catalog #26408?

Here is what it will contain:

  • Model CP Constant Pressure Pump: 0.01 – 24.0 mL/min; 10,000 PSI; with transducer and RS-232 control, Stainless Steel; non-flushing pump heads; 110/220 Volt
  • 20 ml packing reservoir assembly with inlet & outlet caps attached
  • 4.6 mm pre-column assembly with packing adapter for 4.6 mm columns
  • Two (2) 4.6mm x 150mm columns
  • Column packer bracket assembly to mount Packer to the pump
  • Quick Set Disk to allow full control of the packing process through a computer
  • Set of step by step instructions for set up and packing a column
  • Set of 1/16” OD x 0.030” ID stainless steel tubing (3 ft. length) to connect the system for use
  • Set of RS 232 cables to connect the pump to the computer​
  • Syringe for priming the pump
  • Seal insertion/removal tools
  • Non-flush guide bushing (for seal replacement)
  • ¼” Union for use with ¼” OD HPLC compression-style column hardware (this type of column hardware to be purchased separately as a custom product)

What size columns can you pack with this kit?

You can pack analytical columns using any of the empty column hardware sets listed on our website.  Analytical scale columns include those with an ID range of 2 mm to 4.6 mm. 

Please note that if you are using a size or style that is different from what is supplied with the pack in a box kit, you may need a different size for the packing reservoir. Please let us know if that is the case.

What about prep scale columns?

Sorry, this system is not designed to handle the larger ID prep columns (larger than 4.6 mm ID). It can only be used for analytical scale columns.

What packing materials are available to use with the kit?

Our Ultra bulk packing materials, all 5 um particle size, are on our website.

Phases available are Ultra Silica, C1, C4, C8, Cyano, Amino and C18.

How do I set up and use this kit?

Please refer to the instructions included with this kit. If this is misplaced or not available, please contact us for a copy.

Is there a manual for the pump in this kit?

Yes, it is located on our website.

What about replacement parts for the pump in this kit?

Several parts are available for this pump upon request. These are listed in the pump manual - please see Section 7. These would be custom parts for Restek.

I hope you found this helpful and thanks for reading.