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Hydrogen as carrier gas: Always available, Cost effective and Fast

2 Apr 2009

Hydrogen is on the agenda again. Since the helium crisis many labs are now considering and that’s smart. All chromatographers agree hydrogen is the best choice, but safety management usually rules. Hydrogen can be generated safely in the lab and if you make the calculations, you will find the generators will pay themselves back in no time.

In a time of reducing costs, hydrogen should be a very welcome solution. You can reduce analysis times by a factor 2 using similar hardware, the main changes will be to set a different oven temperature program.. and deal with the safety aspects.. For the safety aspect, you may choose to set a max hydrogen flow. Also hydrogen sensors can be used. The reduced cost per analysis will easily pay for those sensors.. No worries for Hydrogen from the split vent: it dilutes with incredible speed, so that is no issue..

If you want to further minimize the risks, think of using MXT metal columns.. you’ll be surprised by the inertness..