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Medical Cannabis Terpenes Standards now available from Restek!

11 Feb 2015

As many of you dedicated ChromaBLOGraphy readers know, Restek has supported the medical marijuana market for years with reference materials, and GC and LC consumables.  We find the field fascinating, so much so that we try to anticipate the upcoming needs of medical cannabis analysts through method development for compounds in addition to cannabinoids that may be therapeutic, for example, terpenes.  Method development and ongoing calibration and quantification efforts are easier with access to Certified Reference Materials.  That’s why I’m excited to announce that Restek now has Medical Cannabis Terpenes Standards!

The standards were formulated to contain the major medical cannabis terpenes and were divided into two separate mixes for maximum stability.  Concentrations are high (2500 µg/mL each compound) to provide value, while keeping solubilities-in-solvent in mind.  The analyte lists and catalog numbers are provided below as Terpene (CAS #).

Catalog Number 34095

(-)-Isopulegol (89-79-2)

(-)-alpha-Bisabolol (23089-26-1)

alpha-Humulene (6753-98-6)

alpha-Pinene (80-56-8)

alpha-Terpinene (99-86-5)

beta-Caryophyllene (87-44-5)

beta-Myrcene (123-35-3)

(-)-beta-Pinene (18172-67-3)

Camphene (79-92-5)

delta-3-Carene (13466-78-9)

d-Limonene (5989-27-5)

gamma-Terpinene (99-85-4)

Geraniol (106-24-1)

(-)-Guaiol (489-86-1)

Linalool (78-70-6)

Nerolidol (7212-44-4)

Ocimene (13877-91-3)

p-Cymene ( 99-87-6)

Terpinolene (586-62-9)


Catalog Number 34096

(-)-Caryophyllene oxide (1139-30-6)

1,8-Cineole (470-82-6)