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Poster on sources for “Ghost-Peaks” in Gas Chromatography

11 Jul 2014

During  last International symposium on micro-column separation sciences, in Riva del Garda, Italy, Restek presented a poster on “Sources for Ghost peaks in GC”.

This poster was a summary of 5 publications which all focused on the sources of Ghost peaks.

We received several inquiries for a copy of the actual poster, as users would like to use it in the lab as a wall poster.

Please find here the PPT slide of the poster. It can be printed locally in A0 format. Poster ghost peaks as PPT

For those that want to read the details, here are the links to the 5 publications as PDF file, all featured at Separation Science technical magazine

1 The Carrier Gas and Carrier Gas Lines: 2013-Sep.Science-jan-Ghost Peaks part1

2 The Injection Port:  2013-Sep.Science-may-Ghost Peaks part2

3 Sample Contamination and Ghost Peaks Formed by The Stationary Phase Itself: 2013-Sep.Science-sep-Ghost Peaks part3

4  Reactivity in The Column While Doing Separations: 2013-Sep.Science-sep-Ghost Peaks part4

5  Impact of Injection and Oven Parameters During Injection: 2013-Sep.Science-sep-Ghost Peaks part5