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QuPPe Method Now Includes an Approach Using Restek’s Raptor Polar X LC Column for LC-MS/MS Analysis of Polar Pesticides

12 Nov 2021

The European Union Reference Laboratories (EURL) provide guidance to food safety labs around the world. That guidance can take the form of published methods that help labs looking to develop their own analytical tests, which can be particularly important for challenging analyses like monitoring highly polar pesticides in food. To face this challenge, EURL for Single Residue Methods (EURL-SRM) has published, and continues to update,  the Quick Polar Pesticides Method (QuPPe).

Version 12 of the QuPPe-PO Method for products of plant origin includes an approach using Restek’s Raptor Polar X column for the analysis of a wide range of polar pesticides using LC-MS/MS in negative ESI mode.

Restek is proud to have its Raptor Polar X column undergo the significant evaluation conducted by EURL-SRM and then be included in this collection of methods, which are aimed at protecting consumers from harmful pesticides in food. The method can be accessed at

The Raptor Polar X LC column was specifically designed to address the challenges of LC-MS/MS analyses of polar compounds. It provides excellent retention and separation of polar compounds through its unique hybrid phase chemistry, offering the best of HILIC and ion-exchange retention mechanisms, while still equilibrating quickly and using MS-friendly mobile phases.

To learn more about the Raptor Polar X column, visit or contact your local Restek representative today at