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Simplifying your Membrane Microfiltration Glassware purchase

8 Oct 2013

Occasionally we get calls from customers who are having difficulty identifying the Membrane Microfiltration Glassware item/kit they need.  As a result, I decided to write this short post to help those individuals find the correct Restek item.   The catalog number breakdown below shows a visual presentation of the items available.  I hope you find it useful.


membrane microfiltration glassware picture

Below are a few additional notes

- Each kit includes one funnel (from # 1), one aluminum clamp (# 2), one integrated fritted glass support base (#’s 3 & 4), and one flask (from # 5).

- Additional items for purchase include:  A Flask Cap (glass stopper for a flask), and PTFE Joint Sleeves (used as a substitute for vacuum grease).  We also sell a limited variety of membrane filters.

- Each size of funnel and flask can be purchased separately.