Chlorophenoxyacid Herbicides (methyl esters) US EPA Method 515 by GC/ECD on Rtx-CLPesticides2
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Chlorophenoxyacid Herbicides (methyl esters) US EPA Method 515 by GC/ECD on Rtx-CLPesticides2

PeaksConc. (µg/mL)
1.Dalapon methyl ester100
2.3,5-Dichlorobenzoic Acid Methyl Ester50
3.Dicamba methyl ester50
4.Dichlorprop, methyl ester100
5.2,4-D methyl ester100
7.2,4,5-TP (Silvex) methyl ester25
8.2,4,5-T methyl ester25
PeaksConc. (µg/mL)
9.Chloramben methyl ester50
10.2,4-DB methyl ester100
11.Dinoseb methyl ester100
12.Bentazon methyl deriv100
13.DCPA methyl ester (Chlorthal-dimethyl)100
14.Picloram-methyl ester50
15.Quinclorac methyl ester50
16.Acifluorfen methyl ester50
ColumnRtx-CLPesticides2, 30 m, 0.32 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 11324)
Sample515.4 Methylated Chlorinated Acids Mix (cat.# 32444)
Conc.: 10-100µg/mL each methyl ester
Inj. Vol.:1.0 µL splitless (hold 0.45 min)
Liner:Double Gooseneck Splitless (4mm) (cat.# 20784)
Inj. Temp.:225 °C
Oven Temp.:70 °C (hold 1 min) to 210 °C at 20 °C/min (hold 1 min) to 300 °C at 5 °C/min
Carrier GasHe, constant pressure (10.5 psi, 72.4 kPa)
Temp.:70 °C
DetectorECD @ 320 °C
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