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Topical and timely insights from top chromatographers

September 22, 2021
Jason Hoisington

PFAS in Air, Part 1: OTM-45

If you’ve been following the news about PFAS, you’ll know they’re everywhere. They’re in the water, they’re in your clothes, and now they’re in your air lab. Not in the sense ...

September 13, 2021
Jana Hepner

Chiral blog 3: Overloading and Tailing

Some chiral compounds show over- loading at lower concentrations than achiral compounds. One reason is the different amounts of cyclodextrin (5- 50%) dissolved in the stationar...

September 07, 2021
Jamie L. York, PhD

Storing Your Cannabinoid Calibration Mixes in the Autosampler?!?

We frequently get a lot of questions related to the storage of cannabinoid standards. How long does an ampule stay “good” once opened? Can I store a mixed solution of acids and...

September 04, 2021
Dr. Mark Badger

New Finger tight Fittings and Tools for GC Inlets

Recently Restek introduced new installation kits (27220 and 27221) for Shimadzu GC inlets. Among the products that were introduced where a new Hot Swap nut for 1/16” fittings ...

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