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Did I just break my hydrocarbon trap (22012 and/or 22013)?

  • Alan Sensue
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Once in a while we (tech service) get a call from a customer who went to refill their hydrocarbon trap (Restek #’s 22012 & 22013) and noticed that when they turn the nut shown below by the red arrow, that the end-cap (shown by the blue arrow) is the part which turns.  It was designed this way to make the refill process much easier, and is not a result of a defect, or anything being broken.

Now that you are aware of this feature, the instruction sheet may make a little more sense.   A few other things you may not know about these traps; they have a black anodized aluminum body, contain Viton O-rings, and have nickel-plated brass end fittings.