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First e-Posters Presented at Dioxin 2011

  • Jack Cochran
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At Dioxin 2011 in Belgium recently, the first e-Posters that I’ve ever seen at a scientific conference were presented.  The e-Posters were arranged by NEXT, a European technology provider for conferences and meetings, and consisted of touch-screen monitors (screens approximately 1m wide x 0.5m high) on stands placed strategically throughout the poster venue.  Dioxin posters were prepared in PowerPoint as 6 slides maximum, and loaded on all e-Poster monitors where they could be accessed at any time during the conference by searching authors, keywords, poster number, etc.

According to conference attendees I spoke to, the e-Posters got mixed reviews.  Most of the graphics were very good, but some presentations showed reduced resolution, making tables and text illegible.  And while there was a convenience to seeing any poster you wanted in one place, that meant you had to actually call the poster up, rather than just walk up and see it.  However, a MAJOR benefit was being able to accommodate more posters in less space, which means that more scientists could present their work at the meeting.

I remember when we used to present our posters tacked up as multiple 8.5 x 11 inch panels years ago before PowerPoint (or Lotus Freelance Graphics; anyone remember that one?) and large format printers revolutionized that industry.  I suspect that is what we’ll see with e-Posters also, a revolution, and I congratulate the Dioxin 2011 organizers for being at the forefront.  Given that younger people are always early adopters of e-technology these days, it’s only fitting I leave you with a photo of my colleague, Michelle Misselwitz, standing in front of her e-poster on large volume injection for PBDEs and pesticides.



Mon, Sep 05, 2011

Great development! We may add a voice-over and make it into a teaching session.. but then then we need more space between the posters as it can be annoying to hear you neighbor. What about getting rid of the oral sessions and present all talks in a similar way? Set up 50 of these units and let people select. Then you can go ONLY to the talks you are interested in.. It may also make the conference fee's a bit more realistic..

Wed, Sep 07, 2011

Only problem I had was sharing a monitor with another presenter during the same time slot. I could not show my poster while he was busy discussing his, and vice versa. His was on a totally different subject, so I lost a couple of interested people who didn't have time to hang around until he finished his presentation. Next time I'll know to bring printed copy also.

Tue, Sep 06, 2011

Interesting tool... especially if we combined it with QR codes to the piece or accompanying literature, downloads or additional features at our site.