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Need to Cross-Reference Accessories, try using our Online Search function

  • Alan Sensue
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Most of our customers know that our website has a Search function that is located at the top of the home page and on most www.restek.com web pages, but what many of our customers don’t know is that it does a lot more than simply search keywords.  The one function I find most useful is that this Search is capable of cross-referencing other manufacturer’s catalog numbers to a similar Restek product.  We have several product lines that take full advantage of this function.



HPLC Accessories:  Personally, I use the Search function all the time to cross another manufacturer’s catalog number to a Restek product.  Go ahead and try it out for yourself.



GC Accessories:  Many GC accessories from other manufacturers, including injection port liners, fittings, and instrument hardware can be crossed to Restek products by typing their catalog numbers into our Search.  Just don’t forget to include any dashes or spaces found in the catalog number.



Sample Preparation Accessories:  Looking for replacement ASE (Accelerated Solvent Extraction) products?  Just type the Dionex® catalog number into our Search function.


Even though we have many products that you can cross this way, you will find that not all searches will produce an equivalent Restek product.  So what should you do if this occurs?  You can still use our Browse By Category filter which is located on the left-side of most product pages so see if we have a similar product.  If you are still unsuccessful with your search, contact technical service with the manufacturer’s catalog number and full product description, and we will check to see if we carry a similar product.  


To use our online tools to find a GC column, check out my previous post Can’t find the GC column you are looking for? Try using our Online Tools


Thanks for reading.