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Pro ezGC Software: Manna from Heaven or a Clunky DOS-Based Program

  • Chris English
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I’ve used ezGC Modeling Software since 1997 and have heard quite a bit of dialog on its utility. ezGC allows a user to enter two different retention times on a given column and use that data to adjust: carrier gas type, flow (constant flow / constant pressure), temperature, column length, film thickness, column ID, and pre-column (guard column)...this can be done simultaneously. It also has advanced features that allow adjustments to peak widths & response that can replicate what you would expect to see on your GC. The actual GC runs below give you an idea of the utility of ezGC; a slow program would not work, a fast program has coelutions and the modeled ezGC suggested solution works. I have attached a link to the whole chromatogram and it’s clear it would take a lifetime to get these analytes resolved without this program. Yes there are a few bugs here and there, but once you realized the absolute power of this program you will see it as Heaven-sent. (Cat#21487)

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