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Put On Your Nut Warmer Cup and Read Konrad Grob Essays!

  • Jack Cochran
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Hi folks:

It has been a while since my last post, as our Web Master Kent Rauch has kindly (?) pointed out, but I have a good excuse. I've been in the lab exploring a variety of GC injection techniques. And as I work, I frequently rely on Grob's book "Split and Splitless Injection for Quantitative Gas Chromatography", an excellent read. If you don't have time for a book, get some quick injection pointers from Grob, as Restek recently reposted essays from "Koni's Korner". Some select (and timely!) titles include:

Why Uncoated Capillary Precolumns Enable Injection of Large Volumes

Sample Vaporization in Hot GC Injectors

Certification of injectors and injection techniques? Comments on splitless injection by readers.

Check these out and let me know if you have any comments, or want to discuss your own injection techniques.

P.S. Those that attended my splitless injection talk at the Florida Pesticide Residue Workshop know exactly what the Headline means.

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