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Read This Before You Go to PittCon 2010 in Orlando!

  • Jack Cochran
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The title is akin to “Free Beer” to get you to click in, but I invite my colleagues to visit me and Restek at PittCon. Due to space limitations, I only tout my presentations here (yeah right Jack, it’s because of space limitations...). I’m heavily invested in QuEChERS. Poster 660-2 P, Mon, comparing GPC to cartridge SPE cleanup of dietary supplement QuEChERS extracts. Thu, 10:35, Room 308D, I talk on QuEChERS and GCxGC-TOFMS for dietary supplement pesticides. On Wed, 2:00, Room 307B, 2230-1, come see “Who Stole Selectivity from Gas Chromatographers and Can We Get It Back?”

Finally, it is a pleasure to work with Becky Wittrig (former Restek star!) and Andre Schreiber of Applied Biosystems on a QuEChERS pesticides-in-food project that Becky framed as a battle of GC versus LC! She will be giving the 1590-7 talk Tue, 4:15, Room 309AB (waitaminute... did she get a bigger room than me?). A big NOD to Julie, Jason, and Michelle for contributing to this project! And Aqueous C18!

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