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Take Care of Your LC System Investment and Minimize Downtime with Routine Maintenance!

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For cannabis QA laboratories and producers, developing methods for HPLC analysis of cannabinoids can be time consuming and resource heavy.  While a lot of focus has been given to sample preparation and optimization of method conditions to maximize sample throughput, one VERY critical factor is often  overlooked: routine LC system maintenance.

Keeping a log book to document LC system maintenance and replacing consumable parts on a regular basis can help minimize system downtime.  It also provides a “known good” system baseline to reference for troubleshooting if problems occur.  It’s worth the small investment in record-keeping and routine maintenance time to ensure your expensive system stays up and running to maximize productivity.

We often use “the car example” to help people relate: would you purchase a vehicle for tens of thousands of dollars and not take it in every 5,000 miles for a $30 oil change as recommended by the manufacturer?  Probably not unless you want to risk catastrophic engine damage and a much bigger price tag than $30 somewhere down the road.  Not to mention your customer’s frustrations with longer turnaround times while your system is down.  Regular preventative maintenance is critical for optimum LC performance and prolonging the lifetime of your investment.  Restek offers replacement parts and kits for a variety of LC systems.  Start here to search by instrument manufacturer or part type, or input the catalog number of the vendor part you need to replace in the search box at the top of the page.

If you have an Agilent 1100, you know those are not supported anymore by the manufacturer, but we’ve got you covered with these critical parts:

Autosampler PM Kit

Pump PM kit


In future posts, we’ll go into more details about what parts should be changed routinely and what issues they might help prevent for your workflow.  So stay tuned for a closer look at replacement parts that you should keep on hand and be ready to routinely change to minimize the risk of leaks, flow rate and gradient percent inconsistencies, peak area/height inconsistencies, and carryover.

If you can’t wait and need to do some maintenance right away, check out our video library for help with changing a lamp, choosing the proper tubing and fittings, and more!

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Tue, Jun 11, 2019

Do you have a template, ready to download and use for free, that covers all generic maintenance tasks? That would be really helpful :-) Best regards, Karina

Thu, Jun 13, 2019

Hello Karina and thank you for the question. A helpful source would be page 59 in "Keep Your Lab Flowing". https://www.restek.com/pdfs/GNSS2788A-UNV.pdf