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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by EPA 610 on Rxi-5ms

ColumnRxi-5ms, 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 13423)
Standard/SampleSV Calibration Mix #5 / 610 PAH Mix (cat.# 31011)
Acid Surrogate Mix (4/89 SOW) (cat.# 31025)
B/N Surrogate Mix (4/89 SOW) (cat.# 31024)
SV Internal Standard Mix (cat.# 31206)
Conc.: 10 ng/µL each analyte, 40 ng/μL internal standards
Inj. Vol.:1.0 µL splitless (hold 0.1 min)
Liner:Drilled Uniliner (hole near bottom) (cat.# 20771)
Inj. Temp.:275 °C
Oven Temp.:75 °C (hold 0.5 min) to 245 °C at 25 °C/min to 330 °C at 4 °C/min (hold 1 min)
Carrier GasHe, constant flow
Flow Rate:1.2 mL/min
Transfer Line Temp.:280 °C
Solvent Delay Time:2 min
Tune Type:DFTPP
Ionization Mode:EI
Scan Range:35-550 amu
InstrumentHP6890 GC & 5973 MSD