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Merlin Microseal Nut for SPME Arrow

for Agilent GCs
  • Eliminates septum coring and prolongs septum life.
  • Consistently low needle-insertion force.
  • Larger diameter to accept SPME Arrow (1.1 mm or 1.5 mm).
  • 400 °C max injection port temperature.
Microseals not included; must be purchased separately.
Documentation and Instructions Sheets
Instruction Sheet: Merlin Microseal User Manual

Merlin Microseal Nut for SPME Arrow

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23228 SPME Arrow Application Nut (3 to 100 psi) ea. for Agilent GCs 1000AG Select Deselect
SPME Arrow Application Nut (3 to 100 psi)  
for Agilent GCs  
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Merlin Microseal Nut for SPME Arrow  

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The advantages of the Merlin Microseal septum include elimination of septum coring, longer life, and consistently low insertion force for injections. The Microseal septum incorporates two separate sealing mechanisms. These sliding seals eliminate septum coring and the resulting accumulation of septum crumbs in the injection port liner.

The Restek PAL SPME Arrow is a larger-diameter SPME probe with a rugged construction that ensures longer life, higher sample throughput, and better sensitivity over traditional SPME fibers. The Merlin Microseal for SPME Arrow is available for many popular instruments and both Restek PAL SPME Arrow sizes (1.1 mm and 1.5 mm).

Microseals for both 1.1 mm and 1.5 mm SPME Arrow (3 to 100 psi) applications are available—sold separately. For use in general-purpose (3 to 100 psi), low-pressure (1 to 45 psi), and SPME fiber (3 to 100 psi) applications, a different nut/adaptor kit must be used; see Related Products.

Note that due to the relatively large diameter of Restek PAL SPME Arrows, you must modify the GC inlet using an instrument-specific conversion kit from Restek prior to use. (See Also note that SPME Arrow–specific Merlin Microseal adaptors, nuts, and seals are not compatible with 23-gauge (0.63 mm, 0.025") needles or probes.