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EXP2 Reusable Fittings for HPLC & UHPLC

for 10-32 fittings and 1/16" tubing
  • Unique nut driver allows easy 20,000+ psi seals without wrenches.*
  • Patented ferrule can be installed repeatedly without compromising high-pressure seal.
  • Precision design provides zero-dead-volume (ZDV) connection to any 10-32 port.
  • Compact design fits in tight spaces, perfect for small oven compartments and six-port injection valves.
  • Non-swaged ferrules mean vendor-specific tubing is not required.
  • Suitable for both HPLC and UHPLC.

*Rated to 20,000+ psi (1400 bar) and tested to 30,000 psi (2068 bar).

Documentation and Instructions Sheets

EXP2 Reusable Fittings for HPLC & UHPLC

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Catalog #
25783 2-pk. EXP2 Fitting (2 nuts, 2 ferrules, 1 driver) Select Deselect
Product Name
EXP2 Fitting (2 nuts, 2 ferrules, 1 driver)  
25784 10-pk. EXP2 Fitting (10 nuts, 10 ferrules, 1 driver) Select Deselect
Product Name
EXP2 Fitting (10 nuts, 10 ferrules, 1 driver)  
25785 ea. EXP2 Driver (driver only) Select Deselect
Product Name
EXP2 Driver (driver only)  

Restek is pleased to offer the EXP2 fitting system from Optimize Technologies—the ultimate reusable extreme high-pressure LC connection system. Featuring a small 3/16" hex-head EXP2 nut, the new EXP2 nut driver, and the original EXP titanium hybrid ferrule, the EXP2 fitting system offers hand-tight connections rated to 20,000 psi+.

The slim EXP2 nut allows for maximum working room in small spaces, such as six-port injection valves and cramped column ovens. The EXP2 nut driver is a small, easy-to-use knurled torque driver that snaps on to the nuts for hand tightening and loosening. The EXP2 driver is slotted and can be removed from the nut and tubing after use.

The patented EXP titanium hybrid ferrule integrates the resilience of titanium with the proven sealing ability of PEEK in a high-performance, one-piece design. The hybrid ferrule provides a perfect seal with every connection, and it can be released without tools to adjust to the different port depths of various hardware. This adjustability allows repeated zero-dead-volume (ZDV) connections to be made to any 10-32 female threaded port, including Restek LC columns, six-port injection valves, and more. You no longer need to buy pre-swaged ferrules and tubing lengths that are specific to the nut manufacturer because EXP2 fittings can be used on any HPLC-grade 1/16" stainless-steel tubing.

WARNING: Do not use EXP ferrules with standard nuts. Failure to use EXP fittings according to the included instructions may result in unsafe UHPLC connections and/or non-ZDV connections.

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