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Rt-2560 Column (fused silica)

highly polar phase; biscyanopropyl polysiloxane—not bonded
  • Stationary phase selectivity optimized for isomer separation to ensure accurate quantification of critical cis/trans FAMEs.
  • Application-specific QC test guarantees consistent, reliable performance for AOAC 996.06 and AOCS Ce 1j-07 methods.
  • Excellent sample capacity; no peak distortion means easy, accurate peak integration.
  • Temperature range: 20–250 °C.
Technical Literature: Learn more about Rt-2560 columns.
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Rt-2560 Column (fused silica)

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Catalog # 13198
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Catalog #
13198 100 m* ea. 0.25 mm Rt-2560 0.20 µm 20 to 250 °C Select Deselect
100 m*  
0.25 mm  
Product Name
df (Film Thickness)
0.20 µm  
Temp Limits
20 to 250 °C  

Because the Rt-2560 stationary phase is not bonded, it should not be solvent rinsed.
*Nominal length = 100 m. The actual length is 110 m, which is equivalent to the length of the previous Rt-2560 column (cat.# 13199).
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