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8330 Internal Standard (3,4-Dinitrotoluene)

EPA Method 8330 is used to measure explosives residues in water and soil samples, using HPLC with UV detection.1 Target analytes are nitroaromatic and nitramine explosives and their degradation products. Obtaining pure, neat compounds for Method 8330 reference standards can be very difficult. To ensure the highest quality standards, Restek's Quality Control (QC) lab confirms the identity and purity of mixture components and solvents using one or more of the following techniques: GC-FID, HPLC, GC-ECD, GC-MS, LC-MS, refractive index, and melting point.

8330 Internal Standard (3,4-Dinitrotoluene)

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Catalog # 31452
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Catalog #
31452 ea. 1,000 µg/mL in methanol, 1 mL/ampul 3,4-Dinitrotoluene 610-39-9 Select Deselect
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
1,000 µg/mL in methanol, 1 mL/ampul  
8095 Surrogate and a Single-Component Explosives Solution  
Product Name
CAS Number
Certified Reference Material (CRM)
Max Shelf Life on Ship Date
60 months  
Min Shelf Life on Ship Date*
6 months  
Shipping Conditions
Storage Temperature
10 °C or colder  

    3,4-Dinitrotoluene (610-39-9)

Reference (Not available from Restek.)
1US Environmental Protection Agency. Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, Physical/Chemical Methods. SW-846 Update III, Office of Solid Waste, Washington, DC, 1997.