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QuEChERS Performance Standards Kit

  • Designed for use in all QuEChERS methods for pesticides in fruits and vegetables, including the original unbuffered method, AOAC 2007.01, and EN 15662.
  • Kit contains organochlorine, organonitrogen, organophosphorus, and carbamate pesticides commonly used on fruits and vegetables.
  • Volatile, polar, active, base-sensitive, and nonvolatile compounds are included to allow comprehensive evaluation of QuEChERS extraction and cleanup efficiencies, and optimization of GC and LC instrumental conditions.
  • Ideal for initial method evaluations and ongoing method performance validations.
  • Analytes are divided into three ampuls based on compatibility for maximum stability and shelf life.*
  • Precise formulations improve data quality and operational efficiency; spend more time running samples and less time sourcing and preparing standards.
  • Quantitatively analyzed to confirm the composition and stability of each mixture.

*When combining compounds with different functionalities, chemical stability can be an issue. The analytes in this kit are separated into three mixes to ensure maximum long-term storage stability. For analysis, a fresh working standard should be prepared by combining the three kit mixes in a 1:1:1 ratio to prepare a 100 µg/mL working standard solution. Once blended, Restek does not recommend storing working standards or subsequent dilutions for future use.

Contains 1 mL each of these mixtures.
31153: QuEChERS Performance Standard A
31154: QuEChERS Performance Standard B
31155: QuEChERS Performance Standard C

QuEChERS Performance Standards Kit

Catalog # 31152

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Catalog #
31152 kit 300 µg/mL each in acetonitrile/acetic acid (99.9:0.1), 1 mL/ampul. Blend equal volumes of all three ampuls for a 100 µg/mL final solution. QuEChERS Performance Standards Kit Select Deselect

Catalog # 31152

Conc. in Solvent and Volume
300 µg/mL each in acetonitrile/acetic acid (99.9:0.1), 1 mL/ampul. Blend equal volumes of all three ampuls for a 100 µg/mL final solution.  
Product Name
QuEChERS Performance Standards Kit  
Certified Reference Material (CRM)
Min Shelf Life on Ship Date*
3 months  
Shipping Conditions
Storage Temperature
10 °C or colder  

    Cat.# 31153: QuEChERS Performance Standard A (16 components)
    Acephate (30560-19-1)
    Azinphos methyl (86-50-0)
    Chlorpyrifos (2921-88-2)
    Coumaphos (56-72-4)
    Diazinon (333-41-5)
    Dichlofluanid (1085-98-9)
    Dichlorvos (DDVP) (62-73-7)
    Dimethoate (60-51-5)
    Fenthion (55-38-9)
    Malathion (121-75-5)
    Methamidophos (10265-92-6)
    Mevinphos (7786-34-7)
    Omethoate (1113-02-6)
    Phosalone (2310-17-0)
    Pirimiphos methyl (29232-93-7)
    Propargite (2312-35-8)

    Cat.# 31154: QuEChERS Performance Standard B (7 components)
    gamma-BHC (Lindane) (58-89-9)
    Chlorothalonil (1897-45-6)
    4,4'-DDT (50-29-3)
    Dicofol (Kelthane) (115-32-2)
    Endosulfan sulfate (1031-07-8)
    Endrin (72-20-8)
    2-Phenylphenol (90-43-7)

    Cat.# 31155: QuEChERS Performance Standard C (17 components)
    Bifenthrin (82657-04-3)
    Captan (133-06-2)
    Carbaryl (Sevin) (63-25-2)
    Cyprodinil (121552-61-2)
    Deltamethrin (52918-63-5)
    Fenhexamid (126833-17-8)
    Fenpropathrin (39515-41-8)
    Folpet (133-07-3)
    Imazalil (35554-44-0)
    Iprodione (36734-19-7)
    Metalaxyl (57837-19-1)
    Methiocarb (2032-65-7)
    Myclobutanil (88671-89-0)
    cis-Permethrin (61949-76-6)
    trans-Permethrin (61949-77-7)
    Thiabendazole (148-79-8)
    Vinclozolin (50471-44-8)