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Ethylene Oxide/Acetaldehyde Standard (2 components)

  • The industry's only suite of off-the-shelf reference standards for detecting ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane* in PEG-based products.
  • Formulated with concentrations needed by labs analyzing cosmetics and personal care products for possible carcinogens.
  • Quantitatively tested to confirm composition; detailed support documentation provided.

Ethylene Oxide/Acetaldehyde Standard (2 components)

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Catalog # 30547
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Catalog #
30547 ea. 0.001% w/w each in PEG-400, 5 mL/ampul Ethylene Oxide/Acetaldehyde Standard Select Deselect
Conc. in Solvent and Volume
0.001% w/w each in PEG-400, 5 mL/ampul  
Product Name
Ethylene Oxide/Acetaldehyde Standard  
Certified Reference Material (CRM)
Max Shelf Life on Ship Date
18 months  
Min Shelf Life on Ship Date*
6 months  
Shipping Conditions
Storage Temperature
10 °C or colder  

    Acetaldehyde (75-07-0)
    Ethylene oxide (75-21-8)

*This Reference Standard is to be used for identification and quantitation of Ethylene Oxide and Acetaldehyde—non-interfering, low-level PEG impurities may be present.