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Natural Gas Standard #3 (10 components)

Available in three mixes, from lean to rich. Each has an extended list of C6+ components.

Note: Actual cylinder pressure may vary due to loss from quality testing procedure.

To view compatible regulators, see Restek Recommends below.

Ordering Notes

All calibration gas standards are nonreturnable due to DOT hazardous shipping requirements.

Certificates of analysis for this product are provided electronically. To view and download your certificate, simply visit www.restek.com/documentation

Natural Gas Standard #3 (10 components)

Catalog # 34440

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34440 ea. mole, 5.5 L @ 75 psig Natural Gas Standard #3 Select Deselect

Catalog # 34440

Conc. in Solvent and Volume
mole, 5.5 L @ 75 psig  
Product Name
Natural Gas Standard #3  
Product Grade
Blend tolerance: ± 2%; Analytical accuracy: ± 2%  
Shelf Life
1 yr  

Compound, % of each compound*
Nitrogen, 5.000 %
Carbon dioxide, 1.500 %
Methane UHP, 70.000 %
Ethane UHP, 9.000 %
Propane, 6.000 %
Isobutane, 3.000 %
N-Butane, 3.000 %
Isopentane, 1.000 %
N-Pentane, 1.000 %
Hexanes plus**, 0.500 %

Concentration: mole
Volume: 5.5L @ 75 psig (517 (kPa)
Ideal Heating Value (Dry BTU/SCF): 1,317 gross

DCG Partnership Cylinders:
Size: 7.6 x 24 cm
Connection: CGA-170/110
U.S. DOT Specs: DOT-4B-240ET

Ideal Heating Value: Dry BTU/SCF @ 14.696psia & 60°F.

*Precise concentrations are provided on the data sheet included with each cylinder and may vary slightly from those listed here.
**Contact Restek to get a complete list of hexanes plus.