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1s 5s Waxes Column Cross-Reference

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Restek offers a wide variety of 1, 5, and wax gas chromatography (GC) columns. Use our 1/5/Wax column cross-reference table below to conveniently compare similar stationary phases and column configurations to quickly find the best Restek GC column for your analyses.

      Similar To
Restek Phase Composition USP Nomenclature Agilent Phenomenex Supelco SGE Alltech Macherey-Nagel Quadrex
Rxi-1ms 100% Dimethyl polysiloxane HP-1ms, HP-1msUI, DB-1ms, DB-1msUI, Ultra-1, VF-1ms ZB-1ms Equity-1 AT-1ms OPTIMA 1 MS,OPTIMA 1 MS Accent
Rxi-1HT 100% Dimethyl polysiloxane DB-1ht ZB-1HTinferno AT-1ht
Rtx-1 100% Dimethyl polysiloxane G1, G2, G38 HP-1, DB-1, CP Sil 5 CB ZB-1 SPB-1 BP1 AT-1, EC-1 OPTIMA 1 007-1
Rxi-5Sil MS 5% (1,4-bis[Dimethylsiloxy]phenylene) 95% dimethyl polysiloxane DB-5ms, DB-5msUI, VF-5ms ZB-5msi SLB-5ms BPX5 OPTIMA 5MS Accent 007-5MS
Rxi-5ms 5% Diphenyl 95% dimethyl polysiloxane G27, G36 HP-5ms, Ultra-2 ZB-5ms Equity-5 BP5ms AT-5ms OPTIMA 5 MS
Rxi-5HT 5% Diphenyl 95% dimethyl polysiloxane DB-5ht, VF-5ht ZB-5HTinferno HT5 OPTIMA 5HT
Rtx-5 / Rtx-5MS 5% Diphenyl 95% dimethyl polysiloxane G27, G36 HP-5, DB-5, CP Sil 8 CB ZB-5 SPB-5 BP5 EC-5, AT-5 OPTIMA 5 007-5
Rtx-5 Amine 5% Diphenyl 95% dimethyl polysiloxane OPTIMA 5 Amine
Rtx-Wax Polyethylene glycol G14, G15, G16, G20, G39 DB-Wax ZB-Wax BP20 OPTIMA WAX 007-CW
Stabilwax Polyethylene glycol G14, G15, G16, G20, G39 HP-INNOWax, CP Wax 52 CB, VF-WAX MS ZB-WAXplus Supelcowax-10 AT-WAX
Stabilwax-MS Polyethylene glycol AT-WAXms
Stabilwax-DA Polyethylene glycol modified for acids HP-FFAP, DB-FFAP, VF-DA, CP WAX58 CB, CP-FFAP CB ZB-FFAP Nukol BP21 AT-AquaWax DA, AT-1000 PERMABOND FFAP,OPTIMA FFAP, OPTIMA FFAP Plus
Stabilwax-DB Polyethylene glycol modified for bases CAM, CP WAX 51 Carbowax Amine AT-CAM FS-CW 20 M-AM
FAMEWAX Polyethylene glycol Omegawax AT-AquaWax, AT-FAME

If you’re running other applications, use our EZGC Chromatogram Modeler to find the best Restek GC column for your analyte list.


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